Meet the Team

Kelley-Stylist/Buyer/Store Owner

Upon graduating with her MBA, Kelley knew that opening her own business was her dream. Her love for fashion and business background made opening Kelley Cawley Boutique a no-brainer in her eyes. As the owner of the store, she wears many hats and keeps herself busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! She believes that fashion should be fun, and she works hard to make that true for every customer that comes into the store.  Outside of her identity at the store, Kelley is married to her best friend and partner in crime, Brent, and is the mother of two amazing boys, Logan and Rowan. She enjoys fitness, has a secret celebrity crush on Adam Levine, and absolutely can't live without her daily iced coffee from Starbucks. She loves spending time with her family and friends and always tries to make the most of every opportunity in life and in fashion!

Heather - Stylist/Buyer/Store Manager

Heather has always had an obsession with fashion, whether it be on the runway or on racks.  This love brought her to Columbia College where she earned her fashion degree.  After graduating, Heather found her home at Kelley Cawley Boutique. She loves her job because it allows her to take part in every aspect of the fashion industry. Heather finds complete satisfaction in knowing her customer's personal style, as well as her own.  She is very easygoing, which translates into her bohemian look. Heather and her husband, Zach, are the proud parents of their son, Morrison, and Larry (their very spoiled K-9). A few things Heather couldn't live without are: movies, music, popcorn, cookie dough, coffee, and most importantly family & friends.  And let's not forget her nightly ritual of watching, "The Price Is Right," every night before bed.  :)

Ashley - Stylist

Dreaming about the perfect outfit is not uncommon for Ashley. She has always had an ongoing love affair with clothes, shoes, and accessories. She enjoys putting outfits together for her friends and starting new fashion trends in the Illinois Valley. Ashley is not afraid to take chances and wants to make shopping everyone’s favorite hobby. That is why Ashley loves working at Kelley Cawley Boutique! She encourages others to try new & unique trends even though it may be out of their comfort zone. Ashley is working at the store part time because she shares her passion of fashion with teaching special education at Ottawa High School.  Ashley is newly married to a wonderful man named Luke, and they have a spunky golden retriever named Gus. She adores running and being outdoors to balance her love of eating pizza, pasta, and more pizza. Ashley enjoys living in the moment by attending concerts with friends, cooking with family, and shopping... until her husband finds all her pink Kelley Cawley bags hidden under the bed! 

Nicole -  Stylist/Graphic Designer/Web Developer/Marketing Specialist

Nicole has always seen the world through creative filtered glasses—always finding creativity in many unexpected ways and places. For her, creativity isn’t just something she's good at—it’s a way of life. From writing, to fashion, to graphic design and beyond…Nicole feels the need to be creative. That is why, when Kelley asked her to transition into the role of graphic designer/marketing assistant, it seemed like the perfect fit—even though she had never done graphic design before! She spent the next few months watching YouTube tutorials and perfecting her craft, and it wasn’t long before she knew that this was something she wanted to pursue further. Nicole went on to graduate from the University of Phoenix with her degree in business administration/marketing. She believes in the phrase, “less is more”, and that transcends into her clean, modern, and eye-catching designs for Kelley Calwey Boutique, as well as her approach to her personal style and styling customers. She jumps on the opportunity to try new trends in fashion and loves helping customers find the courage to do the same.  In her free time, Nicole loves going to concerts, taking mini-vacations (especially to Nashville!), listening to country music, spending time with family and friends (which includes her "husband", Luke Bryan), and most importantly, rooting for the Chicago Bears. :)

Brianna - Stock Coordinator

Brianna has always loved fashion and experimenting with her own personal style, and she knew that when she joined the workforce, she wanted to work with clothes and fashion. As stock coordinator, Brianna receives shipments and gets them ready to be put out on the sales floor. She has a knack for looking at the whole project, breaking it down into smaller pieces, and getting it all done in a time efficient way…which works perfectly with the amount of shipment we receive daily! Brianna works part time at the store because her time is split between work and school. She is a senior at LP High School and can’t wait to graduate, so she can begin to study psychology. She loves music—both listening to it and performing it—which is why being in the LP band is something that she loves and is proud of. Brianna loves to be creative, watching movies, being with her friends and family, reading, singing, collecting Converse shoes, and taking pictures with her cat, Wilbur.