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Every year, August comes around, and every year, we always find ourselves in the same predicament:

How do I dress for this season?

We get it. August is this weird time where it’s still summertime. Still warm. Still the season for vacationing, sipping on piña coladas, and throwing on flip flops. At the same time, its inching towards fall. Nights are cooler, school starts again, and pumpkin flavored goodies start being sold basically everywhere.

It’s a confusing time because part of you wants to run towards Fall, but at the same time, you want to embrace every bit of Summer that you can before Winter get’s here. While everything else is so confusing this month, we don’t think that your wardrobe should be one of the things that confuse you! In fact, we want that to be the ONE thing that is easy and effortless for you while we transition from Summer to Fall. So, we decided to dedicate this blog to just that…let’s go!

So, back to the question from above: how do I dress for this season? The answer to that is actually much easier than you think!

Mix & Match!

We’re not talking prints and patterns. We’re talking about SEASONS! Right now, Fall apparel items are making their appearances at stores, so now it sh perfect time to grab them, match them with your Summer apparel items, and traditional them seamlessly into the next season. Basically, you take a little of “this” and a little of “that” and you’re set!

Now, you’re probably wanting some examples, right? We got you covered there, too!

White denim—we can’t get enough of it in the Summertime! But how do you wear it when Summer is winding down? This is how! Pairing white denim with some more “Fall” pieces, like a neutral colored blazer or some boots makes it easy to wear during this transition!


Speaking of blazers…did you know that they make for PERFECT seasonal transition pieces? Take this outfit for example. Shorts, a tank top, and sneakers—kind of screams summer, right? However, just throw a blazer on over it, and you’ve got yourself a Summer outfit that goes into Fall! Then, when the season officially changes, exchange the shorts for jeans, the sneakers for boots, and viola! You’ve got yourself a sharp Fall outfit!


And PS— how amazing is that houndstooth blazer from our plus division on the right?! That print is going to be a HOT one for Fall/Winter!


Lastly, another easy way to transition from Summer to Fall is by introducing fall colors into your summer wardrobe! We already kind of touched on this with the first example—by pairing the white denim with a neutral colors blazer. Well, let’s take it one step further, shall we? Look at the Karen Kane top from our plus division. It has a lot of colors in it—some bright, summer colors, and some more earthy, fall colors. When you wear this top, you are screaming to the world that you are ready to take on this confusing time of year with confidence! Right? Right! And adding a pair of boots to the mix? Even better!

Bottom line—don’t overthink it! This time of year confuses all of us. Just have fun creating looks that have a little juxtaposition to them. A little this and a little that. Colors and prints aren’t the only things that can be mixed & matched, so take a look your summer clothes, then take a look at your fall clothes, and mash them together to build the perfect outfit! Make sure to stop by your local Kelley Cawley location to check out all the Fall new arrivals that we have, and we want you to notice that they are hanging alongside some GREAT summer pieces, too!! Happy mixing & matching!

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