Live Your Life.. IN COLOR!


We’re back! Did you guys miss us? We took a short hiatus from blogging to refocus and vision cast for what we want for this blog, and we’re so excited about what’s to come in the future!

This month, we’re keeping it short and sweet for you! What’s our topic, you ask? COLOR!

It’s springtime in Illinois! Well, at least it is SOME days of the week, right? Ha! Nevertheless, we LOVE spring because color comes back out to play! All winter long, we tend to wear darker colors like black and grey—probably to reflect our feelings towards the cold and mourn the loss of sunshine, right? As soon as March and April come around, that all changes, and we start to have hope for sunshine and warm temps. Lucky for us, when that happens, the fashion world follows suit and starting bringing us ALL THE COLORS in a variety of ways!

Dresses, tops, bottoms, footwear, accessories—they all start to boast fun, bright, energetic colors for us to wear. The colors range from blush pinks to cobalt blue and everywhere in-between. Pastels, jewel tones, electric colors—whatever you personal taste is—the fashion world (and more importantly, Kelley Cawley) has got you covered!


If you are not the person who LOVES bright colors, then stick with some earthy, darker, tones, like the outfit in this photo. Can we also just talk about those sleeves on that top for a second?! How amazing are they? We all need a bell sleeve top in our lives!

This outfit is an easy way to be dressed head to toe in color, but not scream, “look at these colors I’m wearing!”. Instead, you’ll he shouting, “look at this awesome outfit! You know you want to look this good!” Ha!


However, if you are the person who loves a good POP of color, then go for something more bold—like this yellow dress! Yellow is such a HOT color this season, by the way!

This dress is the perfect Spring/Summer dress because right now, while it is still a little chilly some days, you can easily throw a cardigan over this dress to cover up your arms, and then in the heat of the summer, ditch the sweater and soak up that sun!

Pro tip: if you are wearing a bold color, make sure to accent it with neutral/nude colors. This way, you won’t take away from the dress, and you won’t have too many colors working against each other.

So, what if you’re that in-between girl. The one who loves bright colors but doesn’t like the bold colors? Don’t you worry—because pastels are the way for you to get exactly what you’re wanting!


Pastels offer you the cheerful colors that make your heart happy, but they are also more muted than those bright pops of color. Lucky for you, we have plenty items at the store that fit that description! Escpecially in our XL-3XL division!

Speaking of, have you guys gotten a chance to check out all the new arrivals in our plus division?! THERE ARE SO MANY—from brands that you already love AND new brands!

Another pro tip: denim jackets are simply a must have! AND they offer you a little color because…blue is a color! haha! But for real—you can throw a jean jacket over just about anything from the basic crisscross tee Nicole is wearing to the bright yellow dress above. We have so many options when it comes to denim jackets, too. Distressed, clean cut. Regular length, cropped. Dark wash, light wash, white wash. The options are endless, and we promise that we have something that you will LOVE!

Whether you are the person who tries to shy away from bright colors, or you are the person who wants all the colors to be as bright as they can be, we have got you covered! With the weather turning nicer, we urge you to put away some of those blacks and greys (but not all of them because we LOVE them, too!), and pull out the colors!

Stop in at your favorite Kelley Cawley location, and our stylists will be happy to help you find the perfect color combo for your next outfit!


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