Piece x Piece

Happy June! Summer is always such a busy season. From baseball games to concerts, to weddings, and everything in between, we know that you are constantly piecing together outfits to match your occasion. We also know that assembling an outfit can be a daunting task--especially when you don't have your favorite Kelley Cawley sytlist there to help you! Do you pick our your shoes first and build your outfit around the shoes or vice versa? While everyone has a methodology on how to put together the perfect outfit, we have a method that will streamline the process and get you to looking fabulous at your event sooner!

We decided that we have two women to dress today—one is going to a concert and the other is going to a dinner party. Two different looks are needed, but the same approach to assembling the outfit can be used.

First Things First: Jeans

 Most of the time, the jeans that you wear will go with just about anything. So the most important thing here is to pick out the right jeans for the occasion. For a concert, a fun, distressed jean by Frame is the way to go, but for a dinner party, you might want to go with something a little more tailored and chic. This jean from NYDJ is perfect because it is a nice, solid, dark wash, but you still have a fun detail with the slightly frayed hem. The reason we say that you should pick out the pants first because we think that it's the most effortless choice you'll have to make. The real work begins later...


Next Up: Your Top.

Here is where the real decision making begins--because we know how many tops you have in your closet to choose from. Trust us, we have the same "problem"! Again, choose something that is appropriate for your event. For example, this white Kelley Cawley top is the perfect top for a summer concert! It has the bell sleeves and frayed edges that will make you look like you belong on that stage. Whereas, this floral blazer from Bobeau with a basic white tank underneath is the perfect top to wear to a dinner party because it is so classic! You should always choose your top before adding any accessories because it's MUCH easier to pair accessories with a top than the other way around. Trust us—we've tried!


Last (but absolutely not least!): Accessories.

Now you can really go crazy with the mixing and matching! Accessories just complete your look and take it from basic to boss in a matter of seconds! Again, always keep where you're going in mind when picking out accessories (have we reminded you of that enough yet? Ha!). For a concert, you are definitely going to want to have a more comfortable shoe, and we all know that a wedge is the way to go for comfort! Oh, and you'll definitely want a crossbody bag. This way, you can bust your your killer dance moves and last all night long! For a dinner party, you can be a little more adventurous with your chosen accessories since you (probably) won't be tearing up a rug at the dinner table. lol! So, in that case, a chunky heel and clutch are the perfect additions to your outfit. Then, just grab some jewlery, and you're ready for your night out!


There you have it! Our tried and true process of assembling an outfit. Pants, top, shoes, then accessories. We promise that, if you pick out your garments in that order, you will be much less overwhelmed and more excited to show off your look at your summer event!


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