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Can you believe that it is the holiday season once again?! It feels like we were talking about summer looks just yesterday, but here we are—approaching another busy season of hustle and bustle. We know that the holidays are always so packed full with attending and hosting gatherings and shopping for gifts that sometimes, the season can pass far too quickly. Sometimes, we look back at the holiday season and realize that we didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it because of everything we had on our “to-do” list. For the fashion obsessed, one of the things on that list is usually, “figure out what to wear to <insert holiday party here>”. Lucky for you, we are here to help! We know that the holidays look different for everyone, so we have decided to show you five different looks to wear to five different holiday parties! Let’s get started, shall we?



Sometimes, because of all the hustle an bustle of the holidays, you opt to stay home with the family and have a relaxing day together—doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. When you do that, you don’t want to get too dressed up, right? And let’s be honest, we all have those days where we’d rather stay in our pajamas all day. Well, that’s where this outfit comes in handy! You’ll FEEL like you’re in your pajamas, but you’ll look really cool in all your photos! Win/win! For this look, we paired the Ugg Ansley Slipper with a SUPER SOFT River + Sky top and Z Supply joggers to create the ultimate comfy and cozy look for the holidays!



The exact opposite of the above scenario is also a very common theme through the holidays. There are years where you have multiple parties to go to—often in the same day! When that happens, you want to look epic (in order to impress all those people you’ll be seeing, no doubt). At the same time, you’ll also want to be comfortable—since you’ll most likely be in that outfit for hours and hours. Enter the comfy casual look below! When you take this “glorified sweatshirt” with the sparkle detail by BCBG and add it to the coated leggings by Tyler Madison with the most comfortable Sam Edelman loafers you’ll ever find—you’ve got a look that can take you from one party to the next without compromising style or comfort!



The term “Friendsgiving” is a relatively new one, but the trend is going strong! Every year, it seems, we get invited to at least one Friendsgiving party. We’re not complaining, though! Who doesn’t love a good party with good food and great friends?! There is something about the holidays that makes people realize that they miss their friends, so you see a lot of the people that you don’t get a chance to see throughout the year. Because of this, and the good cocktails and great conversations, these parties tend to last for hours—time flies when you’re having fun, right?! So, you want to be dresses to impress all your friends, but you also want to be comfortable in the look you choose in order to last the whole night. This calls for a dressy casual look, like the one below. If you combine this epic Kelley Cawley leopard top with a pair of black denim from NYDJ, you’re sure to turn a few heads. Then, add a cute Kelsi Dagger bootie to the mix, and your look will be the one to beat next year!



Ah, office/work holiday parties. Some people love them. Others hate them. However, we all run into them from time to time. Honestly, we understand both sides. On one hand, you are excited to celebrate the holidays with your coworkers and peers because it gives you a chance to talk and relate to them outside of work. However, after working all day, you aren’t really thrilled to have to go from the office to home in order to change and then head straight to the party, right? Seems like a lot of work—pun intended! That is where this business casual look comes into play! Wear these work-ready pants from Tribal with this Kelley Cawley top and these Dolce Vita boots, and you are set to go straight from work to party! Viola! You’re done!



The last type of party that is very common during the holidays is the cocktail party. You know, the one where the dress code is more formal than normal, but not quite black tie? This type of party is one that makes us so happy because—who doesn’t love the chance to play a little dress up?! The holidays are the perfect excuse to buy a new dress and heels and not feel an ounce of guilt! This colbalt blue Kelley Cawley dress is the PERFECT holiday cocktail party dress! Pair it with these silver Sam Edelman shoes and some Spanx tights, and you will definitely win the coveted “best dressed” look!

No matter which type of holiday party you are attending this year, We’ve got you covered at Kelley Cawley! Stop in one of our locations, and our stylist are ready and willing to help dress you from head to toe to help make sure that you have one less thing to stress about this holiday season!


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