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You guys! Fall is finally here! Well, maybe not “officially”, but at Kelley Cawley? Oh yeah…Fall is here! We couldn’t be more excited about it! Why? Fall weather brings Fall trends! We might be biased, but we think that the trends we’re seeing right now are the best of the best! Let’s not waste any more time…let’s just dive on in, shall we?


First, let’s talk about the trend that we are seeing the most of this season…prints! While we are seeing everything from camo to stripes, to plaid, to houndstooth and more, there is one type of print that we are seeing the most of in fashion. Any guesses? That’s right. Animal prints are EVERYTHING right now.

As you can see, animal prints are taking over! Tops, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories like belts and handbags are ALL being shown with some type of animal print. We love this because it allows you to rock this trend—even if you’re unsure of it. Meaning, maybe you’re not 100% ready to commit to rocking some epic snakeskin pants like the Karen Kane ones pictured above, but you could see yourself wearing a pair of neutral colored heels with that subtle touch of snakeskin, as you see in the Dolce Vida ankle boot! That’s okay! No matter how bold or subtle it is…you are still completely on trend in a way that works for you! That is what fashion is all about!

Of course that is not the ONLY trend that is hot this Fall. There are SO many that it is hard to choose just a few to highlight, but we are going to do our best!


Blazers are something that we just can’t get enough of this season! By playing with the mix of masculine and feminine touches, this type of third piece is just a must-have in your Fall wardrobe! Not to mention, they are so versatile! Need something to wear to the office? Blazer! Need something to wear out with the girls? Blazer! Also—did you notice how one of the blazers pictured above has an animal print on it? We love it when you can rock two trends at once, too!

Speaking of the pictures above, see the middle photos? There are SO many Fall trends in that ONE photo. Let us break it down for you. Blazer? Check! Ankle boots? Check! Fun striped pattern? Check! Denim with a shadow stripe down the side? Check! Pops of deep, rich, color? Check! Seriously…five trends in ONE outfit. You’ll be the trendiest girl in town!


Oh gosh, we could literally go on and on and on about the footwear trends that we are seeing this Fall, but it would make this blog WAY too long. However, we can’t completely bypass the trends, either! So, here is a quick rundown on what we are seeing this season in footwear! Sneakers are still HOT, and we’re even seeing the sneaker vibe transcend into the ankle boot a little (as seen in the second photo). Like we mentioned before, animal print is not just for tops and bottoms this season, but also for footwear! Another cool new trend we’re seeing is all in the details of your heels! From pumps to ankle boots, brands are making the heel of the shoe be the center of attention, and we just love it! Be on the lookout next month— we will have an ENTIRE blog dedication to the hot footwear trends we are getting at Kelley Cawley this season!

Styling Trends

The last thing we wanted to talk about is not a trend we’re seeing on garments themselves, but rather in how we are seeing particular trends styled together.

The first one is with denim. There is always something new and fun when it comes to denim. We already mentioned the shadow stripe, but another trend we are seeing is cropped, straight legged, denim. OMG. It is seriously just amazing. And paired with an ankle boot, like in the picture below? ON FIRE.

The second styling trend is just as amazing as the cropped denim and ankle boots! This time, we’re taking a midi-skirt, a basic tee (or maybe even a band tee?!) and pairing it with a great pair of sneakers! Seriously, it’s such an effortless look, but will make you look like the coolest girl in the room!

And there you have it! Our very quick rundown on some of our favorite Fall Trends! There are so many more amazing things we are seeing in fashion this season, but it would make this blog too long to list them all. Just know that the fashion scene is absolutely flawless this season. Of course, your local Kelley Cawley store is stocked up with all of the hottest trends—with new arrivals coming daily. We’ve also got you covered with all your Fall essentials like Ugg & Sorel boots, too!

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