Necklaces, bracelets, and more, oh my!

Giorgio Armani once said, "Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day".  We couldn't agree more! Accessories are what complete your looks, and they are just as, if not more, important as the clothes in your closet! In fact, we love accessories so much, that we are giving you an entire blog dedicated to them. Here are our top five reasons to love accessories!


#1 - Drab to Fab!

So, okay. Maybe the clothes in your closet can't really be categorized as "drab" (especially if they're from Kelley Cawley!), but just hear us out. You can have a great, stand alone, piece that gets amplified with just the simple action of adding accessories. Basic, black, t-shirt and denim? Works perfectly fine together. However, if you just throw on some jewelry, you've not only added some fabulous to your basic, but you've also dressed up your look! Win/win!

#2 - More Bang for Your Buck

That brings us to point number two--accessories completely change your looks. Which means that you can get more wear out of the clothes in your wardrobe! Take the example of the black tee and jeans. If you add an elegant necklace to that look, it will dress it up, like we said before. However, if you add some cool and fun pieces, like the oversized initial or jeweled initial necklaces and layer them up with some other fun jewelry, you have a completely different, more casual look. Do you know what this means?! It means that you can have multiple outfits with the same clothing items...just by adding different accessories! Not to mention that accessories are not seasonal, which means that you can wear them all Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter long!

#3 - Be Yourself, Girlfriend!

Accessories take your personality and amplify it. How?  Accessorizing is another avenue for you to express yourself and your style. In a sense, they're the exclamation point to your outfit. While the clothing you wear speaks volumes to your personal style and personality, the accessories that you choose to pair with those clothes turns that volume up to eleven!

#4 - Trends for Everybody and Every Body

This is probably our favorite thing about accessories. While fashion trends are amazing, not all of them work for everybody or every body. You might not feel comfortable in an open back or off the shoulder shirt, and that is totally okay--you need to wear whatever make you feel confident and comfortable. However, with accessories, there are really no limitations. There is no, "this doesn't look right with my body shape". There is no "plus size" or "not plus size" section. Everybody/every body wins! Accessories are across the board. They are friends to everyone who wears them, and that's why we love them so!

#5 - Fun & Exciting!

Last, but certainly not least, we love accessories simply because they are fun! They're fun to mix and match. They're fun to wear and experiment with different looks. They're just fun! Some are sparkly, some are gold, some are silver, some are statement pieces, and some are simplistic. There are just so many AMAZING accessories out there, and there is a reason that you need them all in your collection!

And there you have it--our top five reasons to love and wear accessories! Stop by your local Kelley Cawley store to check out the HUGE selection of accessories that we have to offer. Our staff is ready and willing to help you accessorize any outfit for any occasion.

See you soon!


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