Fashion, Dance, and Giving Back

Fashion runs through our veins, as does our love for our customers and the community. :)

We recently had the pleasure supporting a number of our customers and their phenomenal cause, The Dance of Life Foundation. The Dance of Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and enriching quality of life through dance. This wonderful foundation was established to meet the need in the community, as well as society at large, to assist people of all ages, ethnicities, sexes, and social economic backgrounds to benefit from dance as a medical, physical, physiologic, and social therapeutic aid and solution.

The Dance of Life Foundation has taken on a large, and wonderful charitable project of purchasing the old, historic Willowbrook Ballroom that was destroyed by fire in October 2016. The original Willowbrook Ballroom, founded in 1921, was best known for dancing and banquets. It has hosted many popular bands over the years, such as, Count Basie, Chubby Checker, and The Village People.

To show our love and support for the cause, we attended the final demolition of the remains of the Willowbrook Ballroom this past June 13th, 2017. The Dance of Life Foundation is preparing the site for the construction of the brand new Willowbrook Ballroom Arts, Educational, and Cultural Community Center. The new Willowbrook Ballroom will become the cultural heart of the region and will be one of the largest civic and cultural gathering places in the Metro Chicagoland area. The new space is set to be home to a 50,000 square foot civic facility and a 28,000 square foot performing arts theatre. The theatre will house 750 seats and a spacious stage that will be available for numerous groups and performers to use. This project not only will benefit the local community to provide a center to support the arts, but will also provide an estimated 500 jobs!


We have been honored to donate to a local cause and help out in this process and we are beyond thrilled for the future of this project!

If you're interested in more info or would like to donate to the cause, check out The Dance of Life Foundation at --->

When fashion meets dance, some seriously beautiful things can happen!


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