Accessory Trend: The Stacked Wrist

What do we love so much about this trend you ask? The freedom to do absolutely anything you'd like! Feel free to stack up your arms until your wrists hurt, wear just a few to feel fancy, use as much color as possible, or keep it completely monotone. This trend is a fun and easy way to channel great creative energy into your look!

But just in case you've hit a creative block, here are our top four stacked wrists of the moment:


NUMBER 1: The One & Done

It's seriously as easy as it sounds, no joke. Just find one awesome bracelet that's made to look like a stack, throw it on, and call it a day! We've fallen in love with the ones that have the nifty little magnetic clasp, but there are also ones that wrap the wrist several times and either tie shut or have another closing fixture. Whichever you were to choose, you can't go wrong with a one and done!



NUMBER 2: All Silver/All Gold

Are you a die-hard silver or gold lover? Are you just digging the monochromatic look? Are you wanting to layer but, at the same time, wanting to put in little to no effort? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this look is for you! Stacking up all silver or all gold is simple, classic, and insanely easy! Your golds and silvers do not have to match perfectly by any means, but if that's the way you'd like it then go for it girl! 



NUMBER 3: Mixed Metals

WARNING: mixing metals is not for the faint of heart!! - - - Just kidding! This look is probably even easier than going monochrome. Grab some silver and gold and go crazy! Are you wanting to give the stack even more mixed metal impact? Layer in your best piece that has both silver and gold in it. Adding in a little gunmetal, like we did, never hurt either.



NUMBER 4: The Meaningful Stack

This is probably, by far, our whole staff's favorite look at the moment! Our "meaningful stack" is loaded with bracelets that have sweet quotes, charitable givebacks, and just all around heartfelt meaning to them. The first stack is a little bolder and full of color. This look would be great paired back to jeans and a tee, just to add a little spice to your day. Then, the second stack tones it down a notch and remains a little more classic and playing up on the neutrals.


Now that we've dropped a few of our favorites into your wrist stacking playbook, just remember one thing... there are NO RULES when it comes to this trend! So, go crazy, have fun, and most of all, enjoy your stack!! After all, fashion is just wearable art, and you're the artist! :)




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